Clean Room Garments

The requirements for cleanroom garments will vary from company to company and from use to use. Specialised gloves, face masks and head covers are standard in nearly every cleanroom environment. Clean Room Gowns and Coats are being used more and more. Jumpsuits are required in extremely clean environments.

Specially designed fabrics that are certified for specific clean room garments are required in order to maintain a cleanroom’s standards. Often these highly specialized fabrics have an electrostatic discharge grid built into them. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that all garments are made to specific standards as all seams, joints and parts of a proper clean room garment have to be sewn together using internationally recognized contamination control standards and this cannot be skipped or the cleanroom environment will potentially not be able to be maintained.


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Clean Room Garments

As used in Cleanrooms, sterile production areas, auto paintshops and electronic assembly. Anti-static, particulate-free Garments that have been manufactured to international contamination control standards. Call our staff for any assistance you may require.


ESD Garments

When two surfaces rub together an electrical charge can be created. Moving air creates a charge. People touching surfaces or walking across the floor can create a tribo-electric charge. Special care is taken to use ESD protective materials to prevent damage from ESD. Cleaning managers should work with their personnel to understand where these conditions may be present and how to prevent them.


Clean Room & Non Clean Room Disposable Garments

Washable. Laminated spunbonded polypropylene, white colour, hard wearing, fluid and tear resistant.


Medical Garments

High Quality anti – static, non-linting Garments, 100% medical anti-fungal, semi barrier fabric, washable and autoclavable.


Footwear for Clinical Control Environments


A range of shoes, slip-ons, overboots and shoe covers with anti-static and extremely low particulate properties.Please speak with us for more complete technical descriptions: different areas require specifications to match.




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